Our Core Values

Shepherd Brands is a unique family of franchise brands with a common set of core values.  We believe that the most successful franchise organizations are the ones that put the needs of their franchise owners first.


The Best of Both Worlds

When you choose to become a franchise owner with one of the Shepherd Brands opportunities you will enjoy the best of both worlds.  First you will have access to the newest and most innovative franchise models available today together with the experience and guidance of our expert franchise executive team.

We invite you to browse our family of brands to begin your franchise ownership journey.  We are with you every step of the way.


Our Brands

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Fitness is a growing global industry with $28 billion being generated in the United States annually. The boutique gym model is exploding and one out of every five Americans has a gym membership. If you are a people person with an affinity for fitness and technology, a FITtec Fitness franchise could be ideal for you and your family.

Gone For Good leads the way in the proper disposal of just about any item in any home or business. We come with our trucks, haulers, and knowledge to take from homeowners and business owners what they no longer want and ensure it is disposed of properly. Sometimes that means recycling. Sometimes that means donating to worthy causes or repurposing. And sometimes, it even means reselling through a storefront retail location.

In Talk to the Camera classes and camps, students embrace their on-camera personalities, boost self confidence and become more effective communicators as they create their own news broadcasts, talk shows, Youtube videos or mini-movies. Talk to the Camera empowers kids to get creative and use their imaginations through filmmaking, being on camera and having fun!

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